How does RunWrite work?

Below is an example of a typical RunWrite session. You can use this as a template to build a RunWrite session that works for you, depending on your fitness level or writing experience!

           Exercise.                     Energise.                     Write.

*Wherever anything is in orange, a link to a useful resource on the resources page can be found.

1. Exercise.

Start your session with a 5-10 minute gentle stretch and warm-up. This is crucial for preventing injury and helps your body get ready for exercise.

Start your run/walk or exercise! Try and run without stopping for 20-30 minutes outside, either round a local green space or locally to where you live. You could even take a bag and run to a local cafe. Ideally you will break a sweat, but shouldn't be exhausted!

2. Energise.

After your run, take 10 minutes to warm down, stretch out your muscles and do some deep breathing.

If you're at home, let your body temperature cool down, and then take a quick shower to freshen up - but don't take too long, ideally after quarter of an hour you'll be ready to...

3. Write.

Find a quiet place, with little to no distraction to write. You can use a notebook and pen, a pencil, or laptop. Whatever is most comfortable and makes you feel creative. Hopefully your body and mind will still be buzzing with energy from your run, and you can channel this energy into your writing.

Set a timer for 30-40 minutes and take some time to write. Use the RunWrite writing prompts for inspiration, free write, or work more on your own project. Try not to put pressure on yourself to write. If the words don't come this time - there's always next session!

You're a RunWriter! Don't forget to share your experience either before or after your session using #RunWrite.

We hold an online write club every Monday and Thursday morning between 8:30am and 10:00am on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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