Fitness Tips


  • It can be useful to keep a notepad by the front door, so that when you come in from your run, before you have your shower break, you can take any quick notes, write any lines of dialogue before freshening up.

  • Music while running can be helpful for stimulating your mind, but avoid podcasts or anything too lyric-heavy. I run without any headphones in and it can be a good way to listen to the goings on of the world as you run past it – but music that matches your mood, of the mood of your wider project can be just as stimulating.

  • Speaking of which, why not try and listen/look out for flashes of inspiration as you exercise, and let your mind run free! Writing prompts are all around you (though if you want some structure, we have some prompts here). Those two binmen having a conversation, the wind whipping through the trees, the neighbour’s dog chasing a squirrel; these are all potential images, scenes or inspirations for your writing session when you return from your run.

  • Don’t forget to eat! A banana or small snack before your run can help you go for longer if you’re struggling, though it can be good to try and stave off breakfast until after you’ve finished your writing session, in order to give you something to work towards!

  • Finally, make sure to listen to your body, and if you don't feel that you're able to do two sessions a week, or even need a week or two off - then give yourself a break!


Writing Prompts


Looking for some writing inspiration after your run? Cycle through the prompts below to help you feel creative!


Writing Notes


Write a short scene in which you describe one of your characters as they walk into a coffee shop.


Need more prompts? You can also use this really helpful Writing Prompt Generator from by clicking the link below:




Helpful Resources


Below are some articles, books, and general resources that have been influential in creating the RunWrite philosophy. We hope you'll be inspired.

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