What is RunWrite

RunWrite is an online running club and writing group that aims to use the power of exercise to help you focus on your writing and develop your creativity.


Do I have to run

You don't need to run in order to write, or be part of RunWrite! However, running (or doing any exercise) for a short period of time has been scientifically proven to boost oxygen-flow to the brain, and release endorphins, which help focus and relax the mind. The idea behind RunWrite is that a short period of exercise, followed by an open creative writing session, sometimes stimulated by creative writing prompts, will lead to more productive and inventive work.


How do I join RunWrite?

  • You can join us every Monday and Thursday morning between 8:30am and 10am for a RunWrite session.

  • Join in using the hashtag #RunWrite, via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

How does RunWrite work?

  • Warm up for 10 minutes (to avoid injury).

  • Run, walk or exercise for 20-30 minutes.

  • 10 minute stretch warm down.

  • (Optional shower/wash break)

  • Access the RunWrite writing prompts for inspiration, and write for 30 minutes, either using the prompts, free write, or work on your own project.


How much RunWrite cost?

RunWrite is completely FREE! You just need somewhere to run or exercise, and somewhere to write.


Origins of RunWrite.

Joe Sedgwick photo.jpg

RunWrite was founded in London the Spring of 2020 by Joe Sedgwick. Joe came up with the idea of RunWrite while running round his local park and trying to think of ways to be more creative. He realised that the act of running itself was a helpful stimulant for creativity. Others have written about the benefits of exercise on the brain, and the creative process, but RunWrite combines the two into a fun, online club.

Joe Sedgwick is an Editor and occasional runner!


Exercise. Energise. Write.